Academic Calendar

2015- 2016 Student Calendar


2015-2016 Student Calendar

Elementary:  Instruction starts promptly at 8:25 am  and dismisses at 3:38 pm; half day dismissal at 11:40 am

Middle & High School:  7:35 am and dismisses at 2:50 pm; half day dismissal at 10:50 am

September 8 - First day of School; morning only

October 12 - Half day; morning only

November 5 - Half day; morning only; end of 1st quarter

November 6 - No School

November 9 & 11 - High School Conferences 3:30pm-7:15pm - School all day

November 10 & 12 - Middle School Conferences 3:30pm-7:15pm - School all day

November 17 & 19 - Elementary Conferences 4:15pm-8:00m - School all day

November 25 - No School

November 26-27- Thanksgiving Recess

December 21-31- No School - Winter Recess

January 1 - No School - Winter Recess

January 4 - School Resumes

January 25-28 - High School Exams morning; no school for High School in afternoon

January 29 - No School

February 8 & 10 -High School Conferences 3:30pm-7:15pm - School all day

February 9 & 11  - Middle School Conferences 3:30pm-7:15pm - School all day

February 16 & 18 -  Elementary Conferences 4:15pm-8:00pm - School all day

February 26 & 29 - No School - Mid-Winter Break

March 31 - Half day morning only; End of 3rd quarter

April 1 - No School - Spring Recess

April 4-8 - No School

April 11 - School resumes

May 6 - Half day

May 27 - Northern High School graduation

May 30 - No School - Memorial Day

June 1 - Community High School graduation

June 3 - Central High School graduation

June 7-10 Exams morning only; no afternoon classes for High School only

June 10 - Last Day of School* - half day *Cancellations beyond what the law allows will extend the final day of school beyond June 10th.


Ever wonder how the calendar gets scheduled for the school year?
There is a common calendar committee that meets every year, and it includes representation from Administration and Instructional staff from all nine school districts in Kalamazoo RESA, plus representation from Kalamazoo RESA itself. This committee is in charge of the massive coordination of the yearly schedules for all programs in all nine districts - both individual programs and joint programs (for example, Education for Employment, Education for the Arts, Special Education, Kalamazoo Area Math and Science Center, Testing requirements, etc.). The committee also must work in the exact amount of student-instruction hours as required by the state, and make sure those hours are balanced evenly as semesters or trimesters. Out of those efforts comes a plan for the school year's calendar.

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