2013-14 School Year Facility Reservations

Portage Public Schools will begin accepting applications for facility use on July 1st.  All applications received prior to that date will be stamped as July 1, 2013.  Many of our school activities are already planned and on the calendar (parent-teacher conferences, fall performances and PTO annual events).  Some school-related activities cannot be scheduled until school starts in September.  We will make every attempt to accomodate your request.  Though some applications will be held until staff returns in the fall.

As per District regulation, please complete this form and sign to apply for facility use in Portage Public Schools.

PPS athletic equipment can be available under certain circumstances for a fee.  All guests are allowed free access to our WiFi canopy but we are unable to grant access to computers or printers for non-school organizations.

Portage Public Schools is fortunate to have exceptional facilities for student and community learning.  In order to efficiently schedule building usage, organizations must contact their school building or Marti Phelps at 323-6759.  Marti can also be reached at mphelps@portageps.org

PPS Multi-purpose athletic facilities open for Community Walking

The District will again open the NHS Dog House and the CHS Stable on Thursday evenings for free community walking.  The suspended track will be available from 6 - 8 pm from December 5th - March 27.  All school facilities are closed on December 26th.  Community Walking will not be available on January 2nd.

Did you know that:
•In 2012-13, 200+ outside groups scheduled meetings, classes or events in Portage Public Schools.
• We expect to schedule 38,775 events, most outside of the school day, in Portage Public Schools this school year.
• Many groups such as Boy/Girl Scouts only pay a $15 annual fee to use our facilities.
• Community Education Enrichment classes are sponsored by Portage Public Schools. These programs benefit adults and kids and a significant senior citizen population.
• Groups such as  athletic booster clubs, Bantam basketball or Kalamazoo Jr. Symphony Orchestra, who don’t have a facility of their own, are a non-profit and work to benefit kids are charged a very low rate to use our gyms & school spaces.
• Classroom rentals are limited until after 6 pm. This preserves space for teachers for after-school planning, correcting papers, parent meetings, etc.