Curriculum and Instruction

Department Contacts
Contact Position Phone
Larry Killips Assistant Superintendent of Instruction and Assessment 269.323.5140
Janet Johnstone Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent of Instruction and Assessment 269.323.5140
Mike Huber Director of Curriculum and Instruction 269.323.5060
Kelly Milliman Administrative Assistant to Curriculum and Instruction 269.323.5060
Marty Witt Assessment Coordinator 269.323.5067
Melissa O'Keefe Academic Report Specialist
Teresa Forton Title III English Language Learner Instructional Coach 269.323.5160

Welcome to the Curriculum and Instruction Department for Portage Public Schools. We hope you find the Curriculum and Parent Resource links useful and informative. The Curriculum links will connect you to information on the Common Core State Standards, Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium, specific curriculum areas and other helpful sites for parents. The Parent and Student Resource link describes some of the internet resources accessible from home.

Portage is currently working to align our English Language Arts and Mathematics curriculum to the Common Core State Standards. We appreciate the support, involvement and partnerships between our school families, community and schools. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like additional information.