Implemented in the fall 2011, Portage Public Schools is implementing a ‘Pay-to-Participate’ plan to help subsidize the cost of current extra-curricular programs. This decision comes as a result of reductions in funding from the State of Michigan.

“Rather than eliminating any of the extra-curricular programs offered, the Pay-to-Participate plan will help to cover the cost of the existing programs,” said West Middle School Principal and Supervisor of Secondary Education Larry Killips. 

The Pay-to-Participate program is for students at the middle and high school levels (grades 6-12) participating in extracurricular activities. It encompasses varsity athletics, all intramural sports, as well as certain clubs and other extra-curricular activities, such as musical productions, play productions, debate and forensics – except when students are participating in these activities as a class.

To ensure that the program is affordable and that all students who wish to participate are able to do so, there is a family cap for families with more than one student, and financial assistance available for families demonstrating financial need.

All middle and high school families in the District received a mailing with details about the program.


Letter to Parents/Guardians

Frequently-Asked-Questions (FAQ)

Middle School Worksheet

High School Worksheet

Pay-to-Participate Payments

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