Who do I contact if I have lost my PIV ID and PIN code?

You may request a new PIN code via the phone, mail, or e-mail .  A new PIN code will be issued and sent, via postal service, to the primary address listed in the main office.  We're sorry, but due to security concerns we cannot issue PIN codes via phone or e-mail. Our mailing address is:

District Assessment Office
Portage Public Schools
8111 South Westnedge
Portage , MI   49002
Telephone: (269) 323-5000
E-Mail:  pivsupport@portageps.org

Can I have a custom PIN code created for the PIV?

No, at this time we are unable to service requests for custom PIN codes.

What grade levels are displayed on the PIV?

Currently, grades 4-12 are displayed on the PIV. Because Kindergarten through 3rd Grade do not use traditional letter grades, Portage Public Schools has elected not to utilize the PIV for these levels at this time.

I have a question about my child's grade. How do I contact the teacher?

Typically, the teacher's e-mail address is listed at the top of the page on the detailed assignments report. If it is not listed there, the e-mail address is usually the first initial of the teacher's first name, their last name; followed by @portagps.org (Ex. Joe Teacher's e-mail would be jteacher@portageps.org ). If you have e-mail returned to you, try contacting the school office with your request. Check out the Schools link at the top of the page for contact information about a particular school.

I want to sign up to get notified of changes in my child's grades and/or attendance. How do I do this?

You can do this easily once you log into the PIV. Click the link for detailed instructions: Signing Up for E-mail Notification

I want to change my e-mail notification options. How do I do this?

You can change your e-mail notification options at any time. Click the link for detailed instructions on how to do this: Changing E-mail Notification Options

Still have questions? E-mail pivsupport@portageps.org.