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The Portage Community Education Center serves as a broad umbrella for a variety of programs: Community High School, Students on Campus Care, Adult High School Completion, Curious Kids Daycare Center, Enriched for Life, and ESL. All of these PPS programs are exceptional, but what really makes them unique is that they coexist so successfully and happily in a shared facility. As with any successful program, it is the staff that somehow turns challenges into opportunities and makes the Community Education Center not only a great resource for the Greater Portage Schools Community, but also a great place to work. 

Students at Community High School complete the same Michigan Merit Curriculum as all other students in the district and receive a Portage Public Schools high school diploma upon completion. 

The Community Education Center won "District of the Year" by the Michigan Alternative & Adult Education Association for 2006. This was the second time Community Education has been honored with this award. We are also proud to have multiple-time M.I.A.A.A. State Champion volleyball teams, championship softball teams, and a school newspaper that has been recognized at the state and national levels.

Mission Statement:

We strive to create an environment of students and staff who are productive, engaged, and empowered to make positive choices.

We are now enrolling for the Fall Semester at Community High School and are excited to meet with you and your student to see how we can make his/her dreams of attaining a Portage Public Schools high school diploma a reality. Click here for information about summer hours and to learn more about setting up an appointment with our Student Services Coordinator! Don't wait; the choices you make today have the ability to impact all of your tomorrows!

Do you have a student who is not finding success in a traditional high school environment? Are they skipping class, failing classes, getting behind in credit, or simply feeling like they don't "fit in"? Community High School can help. Our staff, who are highly trained in academic and behavior intervention and support, create a compassionate learning environment with daily one-on-one instruction that allows students to experience success and develop important social and academic skills.


Congratulations CoHS Students!

The first-ever Relay for Life 5k Run and the money raised leading up to it will allow CoHS to donate over $1,000 to the American Cancer Society to help finish the fight aganist cancer.


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