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Parents of 8th graders: Join us!
Our Eighth-Grade Parents Night is Wednesday, February 4 at 6:30 p.m. in our gym. That evening we will give you nuts-and-bolts information you will need to help your daughter or son make the decisions on class selections for the first year at Portage Central High School. You will hear from all the department chairs as they explain the required classes and what our sons and daughters need to do to make progress toward graduation.  Click here for a little more information.
     It will be great to see you there!

And we always need your on-going feedback

One thing I have learned for sure is, a school a reflection of its community. The community’s values, its hopes and dreams for our all our kids are woven into the fabric of the school that serves it. So it is so important – actually, essential – that we as school-folk hear you, that we listen and understand your perspectives and ideas.

We do this in a number of ways. We talk together at parent-teacher conferences. We see each other at musicals, concerts and athletic events. We visit at gas stations, after church and even in the produce department of Meijer. These conversations are so important for our understanding, yet we know we cannot listen to everyone that way.

So for years we as a school have surveyed our students and our parents to get as many ideas and perspectives as we can. This feedback informs our decision making, our school-improvement efforts and the day-to-day work for all our kids. We have been so grateful for this feedback in past years; it has helped us continue to grow as a school and as a team of educators.

We need to continue to ask you for your concrete ideas and your long-term hopes for this wonderful and very human place. So below is a brief survey for parents and another for students, and they will be open until Friday, April 3. I would really appreciate it if you could take a few moments to give us your thoughts.

Parent Survey:

Student Survey:

Thank you so much for your time and your commitment to the success of all our kids.

In respect and appreciation,




West Side Story


For more information click here


Erbelli's will be donating 20% of total sales to the Mustang Alumni Association at both their Stadium Drive and Portage Road locations all day on Wednesday, Feb. 4th for those who mention the fundraiser with their bill. The association supports all sorts of great things around here including clubs and this year's pre-prom awareness activities. We hope to see you there! For more information click here


IB testing dates for May 2015 have been post here.

From the Counseling Office:

2015-16 Program of Study click here.

ATTENTION STUDENTS AND PARENTS, important Spring 2015 testing information, click here!

Listen up students--important ACT information:  We are once again announcing that students have free access to ACT's online test prep website.  Normally you students would have to pay a fee to gain access to this website, but our GREAT PTO has given our school a gift and purchased this for us.  Letters have been mailed home to all of our 9th-11th graders that give you login instructions, and how to navigate the website.  Juniors especially-this is an awesome way to start NOW to prepare for the ACT, which you will be taking here at PCHS next March.  And you sophomores and freshmen, we recommend you login and begin to prepare as well, as you will be taking the ACT Aspire test in the spring.  So check the mail at home, and hang onto those login instructions, but if you need help, please see Mr. Phillips in the Study Lab.  Studies have shown that the more you prepare for the ACT ahead of time, the better you will do!

Attendance office direct line: 323-5259
If your son or daughter is going to be away from school just a few minutes or all day, thanks for keeping us in the loop!

Looking to come to Portage Central? If you would like to speak with staff about Portage Central or to schedule a tour of the building for you and your student, please contact the Portage Central Main office at 323-5200.


Meet the administrators who serve PC.

A quick guided tour of the new Portage Central.




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