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Join the conversation!  The Portage Public Schools needs your input on a master facilities plan, please join us on Thursday November 20th at CHS for "What should we do?"

There will be a Winter Athletics Code of Conduct meeting Tuesday, Oct. 28th at 7:00 PM and next Tuesday, Nov. 4th at 7:00 AM. All those student athletes that plan on participating in Winter Athletics and have not yet attended a Code of Conduct meeting in their athletic career, need to be there. You will need to have your parent/guardian attend with you. 

The hysterical fall production of Midsummer Jersey opens on Saturday Nov 1st and runs through Sunday November 9th.  Click here for ticket information.

Check out this special report by K-12 360 on our PCHS Botanical Society/Community Garden, follow the link below. Thank you to the students and colleagues that provide the produce to our local food banks. 

Fall Formal will be held November 15, 8:00-11:00 in the Mustang Commons.

From the Counseling Office:

ATTENTION STUDENTS AND PARENTS, important Spring 2015 testing information, click here!

Listen up students--important ACT information:  We are once again announcing that students have free access to ACT's online test prep website.  Normally you students would have to pay a fee to gain access to this website, but our GREAT PTO has given our school a gift and purchased this for us.  Letters have been mailed home to all of our 9th-11th graders that give you login instructions, and how to navigate the website.  Juniors especially-this is an awesome way to start NOW to prepare for the ACT, which you will be taking here at PCHS next March.  And you sophomores and freshmen, we recommend you login and begin to prepare as well, as you will be taking the ACT Aspire test in the spring, which is a great practice test for the ACT.  So check the mail at home, and hang onto those login instructions, but if you need help, please see Mr. Phillips in the Study Lab.  Studies have shown that the more you prepare for the ACT ahead of time, the better you will do!

The new Skyward Family Portal is now open.  Thanks for your patience as it has taken us a little while to get things up and running, so that you and your son or daughter can look at grades, attendance and a host of other important things. If you have any questions on how to use this online tool, take a look at this website: It has a really useful FAQ as well as instructions for use of the portal.Voluntary Student insurance is now available.  Find out more here.

Sign-up for the next PCHS Arts, Crafts, and Gifts Show Saturday, November 1st, 2014 at PCHS. Click here for application.  Questions? Call or email 269-323-5265 or

Attendance office direct line: 323-5259
If your son or daughter is going to be away from school just a few minutes or all day, thanks for keeping us in the loop!

Procedures for Placement and Transfer of Resident/In-District Students

Looking to come to Portage Central? If you would like to speak with staff about Portage Central or to schedule a tour of the building for you and your student, please contact the Portage Central Main office at 323-5200.


Meet the administrators who serve PC.

A quick guided tour of the new Portage Central.

A few general rules about your school: a student's perspective.

A few general rules about your school: a student's perspective.


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