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ACT and SAT National Test Dates and Info
All test dates, info, and registration occur online through each test's website. For ACT testing info go to For SAT testing info go to

General information about ACT and SAT click here

Spring 2014 Important Testing Information

Recently, letters were mailed home to students based on their grade that explained the upcoming tests this Spring (11th grade Michigan Merit Exam, and 9th-10th PLAN testing).  A letter was also mailed to parents of 12th graders to make you aware of the testing schedule, as the daily schedule is different on all of the testing days.  For your reference, here is another copy for you.

MME letter 12 Grade

MME letter 11 Grade

PLAN letter 9th and 10th Grade


If you have any questions regarding the Spring 2014 Testing, please contact our Test Coordinator Trish King

9th Grade MEAP Social Studies Test—October 16, 2013

As part of the State of Michigan MEAP testing program, all 9th graders are required to be tested in Social Studies in the fall of 9th grade.  Our 9th graders at Portage Central will be taking the MEAP test on Wednesday, October 16th, during various hours of the day.  KAMSC students who are off campus in the morning will test in the afternoon.  All students will be instructed to come to the Auditorium Balcony at a designated time to test. 

Since this test is required by the state, we need all 9th grade students to be in attendance on our testing day.  We are also asking that students get proper rest and eat a good breakfast in order to do their best on this test.  Your help and cooperation are greatly appreciated.  If you have any questions, please feel to contact our Test Coordinator Trish King

Listen up juniors:  The PSAT is the best preparation for the SAT.  In addition, taking the PSAT provides entry into the National Merit Scholarship program.  The test will be Saturday, October 19th, starting promptly at 8:00 am, and the charge for the test is $20.

General info about PSAT

2013 PSAT Registration Form