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2009-2010 West Middle Calendar

Important Note: The last day of school for West students ONLY will be a half day. Students will be dismissed at 10:50 a.m.

Beginning Jan. 4, 2010, Portage Schools will add 9 minutes at the high school level and 10 minutes at the elementary level, to shorten the school-year by 4 days to reduce expenses.  Middle school times will not change and will remain at 7:43-2:47.

This calendar pertains only to West Middle School. Other buildings may have different dates than shown here.

Normal School Hours: 7:43-2:47    Half Days 7:43-11:00

Tuesday, September 8: 1st Semester begins, ½ day

Thursday, September 17: Elementary Open Houses

Tuesday, September 22: Middle School Open Houses

Wednesday, September 23: High School Open Houses

Friday, November 6: End 1st Marking Period; No classes (Records/Prof. Development)

Wednesday, November 18: Evening conferences*

Thursday, November 19: Evening conferences*

Wednesday, November 25: No classes

Thursday-Friday, November 26 - 27: Thanksgiving Recess

December 21-January 1: Winter Recess

Monday, January 4: Classes resume

Monday-Thursday, January 25-28: High School exams

Friday, January 29: No classes, end 1st Semester

Monday, February 1: 2nd Semester begins

Wednesday, February 24: Conferences

Friday, February 26: Mid-Winter Break**

Wednesday, March 3: Conferences

Friday, March 26: No classes (Spring Friday)

March 29-April 2: Spring Recess

Monday, April 5: Classes resume

Friday, April 16: End 3rd Marking Period; No classes (Professional Development)

Monday, May 31: No classes (Memorial Day)

Tuesday-Friday, June 1 - 4: High School exams

Wednesday-Friday, June 2, 3, 4: High School graduations

Friday, June 4: Last day of 2nd Semester**
Half Day For West Students. Dismissal at 10:50 a.m.


*Evening conferences: At the discretion of each school, evening conferences may be held within a week before or after the suggested date.

**Cancellations beyond what the law allows will extend the final day of school beyond Friday, June 4, 2010.

Daily Schedule – Monday, Wednesday, Friday
1ST HOUR--7:43-8:44
2ND HOUR--8:48-9:41
3RD HOUR--9:45-10:38

Sixth Seventh Eighth
LUNCH     10:38-11:03   4th HOUR   10:42-11:35        4TH HOUR  10:42-11:35    
4TH HOUR   11:03-11:56 LUNCH     11:35-12:00   5th HOUR  11:39-12:32
5TH HOUR   12:00-12:53   5TH HOUR   12:00-12:53 LUNCH    12:32-12:57

6TH HOUR--12:57-1:50
7TH HOUR--1:54-2:47

Daily Schedule – Tuesday, Thursday

1ST HOUR--7:43-8:32
2ND HOUR--8:36-9:25
3RD HOUR--9:29-10:18

Sixth Seventh Eighth
LUNCH     10:52-11:17   4TH HOUR   10:56-11:45        4TH HOUR  10:56-11:45    
4TH HOUR   11:17-12:06 LUNCH     11:45-12:10   5th HOUR  11:49-12:38
5TH HOUR   12:10-12:59   5TH HOUR   12:10-12:59 LUNCH    12:38-12:59

6TH HOUR--1:03-1:53
7TH HOUR--1:57-2:47


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